Wasted Times

Thu Feb 10 2022

If I've done too much of something during my time living in the midst of a global pandemic, it has been thinking. Rather than trying to sharpen my skill set, create new stuff or put myself out of my comfort zone, I gravitate to just spacing out and staring at my apartment walls too much. This is probably due to my lazy nature and spending too much time trying to fully process life as it comes and goes.

Living in San Francisco, it's easy to have a life compass needing calibration when SF in an environment filled with polarizing individuals. The smells of confidence, success and status can easily sway one's view of if they're living their life to the fullest. The words and byproducts of geniuses will lead people to dreaming big and painful reality checks. It's a crazy world to be ten toes down in, but for me, this chaotic environment is where I need to be for the current chapters of my adulthood.

Being a knowledge worker who is a citizen of the United States of America comes with a lot of perks. While I get to exercise my freedoms on a daily basis, I constantly question if I'm doing enough or should be applying myself for greater good. Where is the line that an individual should draw between helping others and enjoying oneself? Is trying to optimize actions (learning, connecting the dots, applying, thinking, creating, etc) self-destructing?

Maybe I should just stop asking so many questions and let my future self worry about figuring out problems when they arise 🤷

Last updated: Fri Mar 18 2022