About me

Hello, my name is Ashwin. I currently live in San Francisco and work at Yelp. If you're in the area or want to get in touch, please don't hesitate to reach out.


For 2024, I'm focusing on:

  • Running a marathon and 750 miles throughout the year
  • Traveling outside the US
  • Developing a healthier and higher quality balance of habitual and intentional technology usage
  • Visiting a national park
  • Spending more time studying and in libraries


For 2023, I'm hoping to accomplish:

  • Writing more (essays, blogs, notes, fiction, etc.)
  • Building technology solutions that lead to less screen time
  • Studying and taking the GMAT and GRE
  • Developing intermediate skills playing the piano and guitar


For 2022, I'm looking to focus on:

  • Building a personal framework for learning and going deep into different topics
  • Creating and consuming higher quality content
  • Exploring graphic design and cinematography
  • Volunteering and contributing more to communities I'm a part of
  • Enjoying the process of developing skills that I initially had no experience in