Putting it all into Practice

Mon Apr 18 2022

Recently, I came to terms with the fact that I have been slacking off on improving my development workflow. This has led me to switching to using vim commands in Code, which has been an eye-opening learning experience. For one, it's made me realize how much I have not been paying attention to optimization in my life for a while. I have been doing a lot of adapting the past couple of years to a constantly changing lifestyle and living during a global pandemic. Now that I am starting to commit more to certain practices, goals and people in my life, I can now focus on refining and optimizing how I approach consistent pieces in my life.

The second is how versatile a person and their abilities can be. In Vim, there are multiple modes that the editor can be in: normal, visual, insert, command-line, select, ex and terminal-job. A person can be seen in a similar manner. They can be thinking, working, listening, relaxing, learning, socializing, exercising and so much more. Being able to master an understanding of the different modes one likes to be in and allocating the optimal amount of time to each would be an amazing skill to have. It also requires a lot of discipline, as acceptance and sharp attention is needed for context switching.

These blog posts are getting shorter and shorter. I'm going to start using Notion and Todoist on a daily basis (morning + evening) to write more. I've been going into a deep rabbithole with books - I can't stop finding interesting books and not completing them 😕