It's Okay to not be Right the First Time

Sun Mar 27 2022

I make a lot of mistakes. Nowadays, they aren't grave in nature. Oversleeping. Skipping a workout. Watching a movie and going to bed early instead of studying. Most of my mistakes nowadays stem from a lack of self-discipline, which isn't the end of the world. I still am passionate about things such as self-growth, knowledge and problem solving, but I have been finding it pretty hard to push myself at the moment. I hope to incrementally step out of this norm, but for the time-being, I'm just approaching things on a day by day basis. Regardless of my own laziness, I still hope to keep making mistakes in the future and learning from them.

Making mistakes is part of being human. No one truly is perfect - there's so many decisions we have to make in the modern world that it's hard to be perfect for just one day. No one has had a perfect gymnastics routine in decades, and that's a moment that the world's greatest gymnasts train four years for. Controlled mistakes can be huge when experimenting and trying out new things. Operating with a clear conscience of what the tradeoffs are with decisions helps chain more good decisions together, or at the very least, look at scenarios as a big decision tree. 

Still it is costly to make mistakes. Minimizing mistakes is a good mindset to have, but that shouldn't mean avoiding mistakes altogether. Opportunities and great learnings arise from accepting that a mistake is likely to happen somewhere in the side effect of a decision.

I need to study more :/