My Favorite Books of 2022

Mon Jan 09 2023

Throughout 2022, I got to read many great books. The books that stood out the most were ones that really expanded my lines of thought, from how I process architecture and space to what goes into the food we eat at a national and global scale. While I wasn’t able to fully retain the material, it was a really good habit to consistently context switch between high-level concepts from such a wide range of topics. With that said, here are my favorite books of 2022!

Why We Sleep: This book helped fix my sleep schedule. As a result of getting more sleep, I had a lot more energy, focus and mental clarity. It’s a book that I can’t recommend enough, especially for those who use technology a lot. Not only was it stimulating, reading it easily meshed with my daily routine. I would keep it on my bedside table, passing out after reading a few pages every night. The studies in it are pretty alarming, hinting at a linkage between poor sleep and a weaker cardiovascular system, obesity, memory loss and many other negative effects.

Food Politics: Food is an important staple of human life. We need the vitamins, minerals and calories that food contains to function properly. In developed countries, food security is the norm, and that convenience can lead to not having to think deeply about the intricacies of feeding humans around the world. This book does a great job of opening the readers’ minds to some of the factors and viewpoints at play. Some of my favorite topics covered in this book are supermarkets, eating habits and food in developing countries.

Play On: I’m very glad to have picked this up at a Public Library Step Sale. When I was reading this, I was pushing myself pretty hard physically. This book dives into the often underappreciated mental aspect of sports and athletics that makes elite athletes a step ahead of the rest, specifically decision-making. It also dissects how elite athletes remain successful after age 30 into three key factors: quality training, diet and recovery.. While I’m far from an elite athlete, this did make me more aware of the habits I have regarding my own health and fitness.

All the books I read in 2022 can be viewed on Goodreads. Here’s to another year full of great reads and memories!